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3 Must Do's Before Going Live

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2017

Going Live on Facebook is great for promoting your business and connecting with your audience. Maybe you've thought about doing it for your business but then the nerves kicked in and you put it off. Maybe you've done it, posted it and then deleted it because you didn't like the way it looked. Or maybe you are doing it and each time you do it you stutter, mess up, or get really nervous and forget what you are talking about. Don't worry these are all normal thoughts and patterns that we all do, especially if you are starting out or getting used to being in front of the camera.

Let's go over the 3 Must Do's before going live to calm your nerves and upping your FB 'live' game!

1) Make A List. Write on a note card or Post-It note the points that you want to hit in your live. So if you lose track of your topic or go on a tangent you can take a quick glance at it and bring your live back on track. Put your note some here near the camera where you can do a quick eye glance.

2) Do A Dry Run. Turn your camera on, hit record and do a test run! This will help you so so so much! It's just you and the camera. It's incredibly helpful to go through it and figure out your wording, get comfortable in your topics and you'll know approximately how long your live broadcast will be. You can also check out your framing if you want to move anything that is behind you or add props.

3) Check Your Audio. Along with your dry run, you have the opportunity to check your audio too. We usually like to use our Boya Lav Mic or any type of mic when going live so that there is no distracting background noise and that we can connect clearly with our audience. Watch your dry run to make sure that your audio is coming through loud and clear.


Just Start! Remember, practice makes progress! The more you do live broadcasts the more comfortable you will be with jumping on without the jitters! There will always be little stutters/brain farts/interruptions/life happening when you do a live broadcast. Things you may not be prepared for, but that's OK! It's what makes live amazing! The little things that you may think are "mess ups" are natural in any live, person to person, conversation or communication. Don't be too hard on yourself. The worst thing that could happen is if you do not do it at all. So, Just Start!

Do these 3 Must Do's before going live and say "Goodbye!" to your jitters and "Hello!" to your audience.


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