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5 BEST Tips to Increase Your iPhone Storage

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2017

Out of space on your iPhone? Here are 5 easy steps to free up space on your iPhone and never run out of space again! 

We use our iPhones for everything! EVERYTHING, it's our personal assistant,  entertainment system, library, radio, camera, video camera, stop-motion & slow-mo camera, it's our blank canvas. It is whatever we want it to be. But everything we want it to be takes up memory and space. That's normal, but did you know that some apps are taking up more space than they are supposed to because of updates? Or did you know that your phone may be saving TWO copies of photos to your phone? We just did the research and found out that apps grow larger in size because of updates and that certain settings can be turned off to save space. 

Let's go over the 5 tips on how to get you more space today! 


(Disclaimer) Back up your stuff! Be sure to back up your device to your computer or iCloud, because you can't blame me for deleting things that you deleted, and be like "You made me delete stuff!" But I didn't make you delete stuff you deleted it. So let's just make sure we are safe and back it up! =)

Tip 1) Delete unused apps or media. IE: Audible books, or old podcasts. 

Tip 2) Check Apps that are taking up too much space. In "Settings" under "Storage & iCloud Usage", you can see how much space each app is taking up. You can check how big an app is supposed to be by looking in the app store and comparing how much space it is using on your phone. If the app is taking up too much space [this is usually due to updates] you can delete the app and reinstall it and it will reinstall it with the newest updates and take up less space. 

Tip 3) Set your messages to expire automatically. You can choose how long you want your messages to be kept for in "Settings" under "Messages" and under "Message History". You have the option to automatically delete messages after 30 days, 1 year or keep them Forever. 

Tip 4) Disable "My Photo Stream". This allows iCloud to sync 1,000 of your latest photos across all your iDevices. To disable it go to "Settings", "Photos & Camera", and switch off "Upload to My Photo Stream".

Tip 5) Stop duplicating pix from HDR mode. If you are shooting in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and you have "Keep Normal Photo" turned on then you are saving two copies of the photo to your phone, taking up twice as much space. To turn this function off got to "Settings", "Photos & Camera" and switch off the setting "HDR (High Dynamic Range)".

And that's it! By doing these 5 Steps you just freed up space on your iPhone! 

Be sure to watch our video walkthrough and follow along on each step. =)


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