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5 Must Have Gadgets For Snapchat & IG Stories

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2016

With these 5 gadgets in your arsenal, you’ll definitely step up your game on Snapchat & IG Stories. These must have tools allow you to get more creative and have the ability to do amazing things. Your hands don't need to be stuck on your phone when you're snapping! Click on the links below to get your hands on these gadgets today! Have fun and show the world what you’re made of! Get out there and remember, practice makes progress! 😉 

  1. Lav MicIf you talk in your stories or snaps, this is a must have!! Be heard loud and clear, even in a noisy environment!!  
  2. CamKix bluetooth shutter plus a little tripod... since you don't have to hold your phone to take a pic or start your vid, you can set your phone wherever and get your snaps going!
  3. Neewer 3-in-1 lens includes wide angle and fish eye so that you can get a wider shot even in tight spaces like your car [when you're parked of course] or if you want more people in the frame and need that extra space in the shot. Totally compatible with any phone/tablet since it clips on!
  4. XShot Pocket is the only selfie stick that I've stuck with for years! Extra compact durable! You can mount it on any tripod including the one in 2] that comes with the CamKix shutter.
  5. The Square Jellyfish phone mount is the peanut butter to the jelly of my xshot and they go together perfectly. I've had both for yearsss and let me tell ya... I have gone through so many stinkin phone mounts and this is the one that's stumped them all. You can rotate it to hold your phone landscape for when you're taking pix or normal video and also shoot in portrait for those snaps!

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