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ICY'S FAVE THINGS - Gadget Must Haves [Holiday Edition]

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2016

We've all seen the "most wanted toys of the holiday season" list, but grown ups need their wish lists too and I've got you covered!

Keep scrolling to see my top gadgets to add to your wish list... cuz let's face it, the best gifts are the ones you actually want!! ;) 

  • UHH-MAZING HEADPHONES: I've been drooling over these headphones since they were released last year and held back on getting them... but then Cherie got it for me for my birthday and man oh man, it's the bestestestest headphones everrrrrr and I can't recommend it enough! 
  • BIG BOOMIN AWESOME SPEAKERS: If you'd rather share the music and not use headphones, you won't go wrong with these and what's more awesome is that you can hook up more than one speaker to play in different rooms! 
  • TAKE ME ANYWHERE WATERPROOF SPEAKER: Strap it onto your bike, your backpack or let it float in the pool, this speaker is so freakin cool!! Don't let the tiny size fool you, this packs a punch and the size and cuteness doesn't compromise the sound quality. One of my bffs gave it to me for my birthday and I take it everywhere with me! 
  • LIKE A SWELL BOTTLE BUT HALF THE PRICE: Gotta love my Swell bottle but this is just as good and for half the price, you can get multiple ones and it comes in so many cute colors! 
  • BETTER THAN SIRI: If you have Amazon Prime, this is awesome and if you have a compatible bluetooth speaker... it's a MUST HAVE!! 
  • TV ON CRACK: If you get this for the holidays, hit me up on IG and I'll send you a YouTube link to show you how to make the most out of this... it'll blow your mind!! 
  • JUICE UP YOUR PHONE ANYTIME: It can charge up your phone 10x and at $10 you can stock everyone's stockings with this awesome gadget!!
  • GLIDE WITH YOUR SMART PHONE: Take your "phone video skills" to a whole new level by using this stabilizer... run, jump, skip... it'll still glide!! 
  • BE SMART, DON'T HOLD YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR: It's my go-to smartphone holder in the car, keep your eyes on the road and your phone out of your hand... be safe out there!! 
  • RELAX or STAY FOCUSED... IT TOTALLY HELPS: The term "don't knock it till you try it" totally applies to this... essential oil diffusers?? Back then I woulda said NAHHH but now and have one by my desk with a "Stay Alert" oil and one by my bedside called "Relaxation" and I love em! 

Hope this helped or at least stirred up some ideas for your wish list!! Hit us up on Instagram and let us know the top 3 things on your list! 


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