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Practice Makes Progress

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2016

Practice Makes Progress. This is one of those sayings I keep with me. I am never done learning. 

I am driven by my passion and that has brought me here; being self taught I am grateful for my friends and mentors who have nurtured my journey and continue to do so. Now I am excited to share my passion and knowledge that I have only gained through practice with you.

I have a closet full of gadgets that you will never see. They just didn't work out but I learned from them so I can show you the ones I work with and consider the best and most affordable. I had to start some where, and starting was maybe the hardest part. Once I got started I then had something to improve on, it was like a snowball effect. I would try a new editing technique or gadget and if I liked it I'd use it and if it needed tweaking I'd tweak it or find something better. It builds upon itself. 

When we were working on THE iPhone Film School, it was scary at first. I was thinking, "How do I even begin?" The first thing we had to do was just begin, start some where. We put out our Beta and learned from our students how we could better serve them. It was so helpful and by having the experience from putting together our Beta, creating more content for our full version was easier. 

Be encourage by your progress, especially if you start something new. I'm continuing to learn, grow, and practice. I'm never done. I am always in progress and love to share my gadget finds, do's & don'ts, editing & filming tips with you. I hope this encourages you to keep  practicing, to keep progressing, because I'll keep practicing & sharing my passion so you can share yours with ease through video.


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