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THE Ultimate Phone Storage Solution

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2016

Running out of storage on your phone?

If the ONLY reason you "NEED" to upgrade is because your phone is completely out of space, then let me help by saving you HUNDREDS$S$S of DOLLARS$S$S!

Just because you're out of space - doesn't mean you're out of luck. Thanks to the evolution of technology, now you can expand your phone storage for under $100 - hey, that's way better than paying the hefty price tag on a new phone! Below are my top picks for an external storage for the iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

EXPAND Your iPhone's or iPad's Storage Space with this little gadget:
I personally love the fact that you can take pictures and shoot video directly into the iXpand because that means that even if your phone can't take another picture since it's so full, plug in this bad boy and you're good to shoot away! It also makes it really easy to back-up files, copy files between iOS devices and even computers. 
Click "Shop now" to order it today.

128gb Drive For Your Android Device:
I had an android phone for yearssss and this made it so easy to transfer files in and out of my phone. It's so simple to use and of course, you can also use it as a normal USB flash drive for your computer too.
Click "Shop now" to order it today




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