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Basics On a Budget

Budget is important when it comes to equipment. We are ALWAYS shopping for the best bang for our buck. Lets face it all the lights, cameras and set equipment are not cheap so the question we are here to answer is "What equipment do I get when I'm on a budget?!"  

In this FREE mini course you'll get a PDF with links to the 2 most important Basics On A Budget equipment you'll need. That's right just TWO. We don't complicate it we give you the essentials for your budget. You already have the most obvious equipment in your hand or back pocket; your smartphone! But there are two more that will help you get the lighting that you need and the audio that will keep your listeners listening.

We've also included a FREE video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to set up your new equipment. With the PDF and video tutorial you'll be on your way to creating videos and content to grow your business!

You'll get the answers to the questions you've been asking yourself about video like:

What video equipment do I need to get started while on a budget? What can I use for handsfree filming? Is there an affordable lighting option? What audio equipment do I need?  There are tons of affordable options out there but which do I get? Which one works the best?

Remember cheap doesn't always mean good. We've tested and tried a bunch of different affordable audio equipment, tripods and lights while on a budget. We created this course to put your mind at ease and to show you which ones we used, still use and recommend.

We get asked these questions a lot. So we created Basics On A Budget to give you the best and affordable equipment you need to start filming!



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