If you have an iPhone, then you have the ability to shoot & edit videos right in the palm of your hands. You may be thinking "but I'm not a video editor..." well it's your lucky day because I am! I'll be walking you through the process of how to edit your video, one step at a time!

"This course was worth a million bucks! Seriously, worth every penny I spent. I have been so afraid of the technical side of video for the last 3 years that is was paralyzing me. No More! Thank you Irene for breaking down what seemed so complex into bite size pieces that were so simple to implement immediately! This course is going to change my business!"


"Whoa! Not gonna lie, I'll be watching this again and again. So incredibly helpful...coming from a person that went to school for mass comm and did a little video editing in college for work in instructional design and helped a friend shoot weddings. But this? This is amazing. I have a DSLR I don't even want to get out because the process is a time suck. I can't tell you how helpful this course is already. I adore the short length. You don't waste time and everything is pure value! "


"You are a professional! You know your stuff. You took me by the hand and SHOWED me what to do. It was easy to follow, and I learned a LOT. I am still processing!! I have full confidence that you've armed me with more tools, knowledge and confidence moving forward. THANK YOU!!"


We are ALWAYS shopping for the best bang for our buck. Lets face it all the lights, cameras and set equipment are not cheap so the question we are here to answer is "What equipment do I get when I'm
on a budget?!"  


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